Tuesday, 4 March 2014


If you haven't guessed already, this Post is going to be all about my baby! My fellow fury friend!


When I moved in with my Boyfriend we decided we wanted to make the next step and share our love by getting a Pet, who will give us company while the other is at work, and grow our Family unit. Though I wanted a dog he put his foot down and said he will allow me a Cat.
We visited a place near to us and we feel in love with Sooty, who I named before I even met her, turned out she was already named Soot! (Fate I think so!)
So that day we went out and spent a lot of money on: a litter tray, litter, toys, a bed, scratching post, you name it we got it. (Only the best for our baby!)
We had to wait a week before we could pick her up, as she had to have all her injections first.

She was 3 Months when we picked her up, and she settled in straight away, was like we have had her for years! As I write this she is now 6 Months old!
Sooty is a Black Short Hair, her bread is mixed, though we think she has Pedigree in her, as she has Big pointy ears and big green eyes, everyone who has seen a photo of her, says she looks like she has Siamese origins. Heres an interesting fact:  Black cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt, and owning black cats was thought to bring good luck and wealth.

Sooty's Personality 
She is very loving, loves company and likes to know where you are. Will happily make herself comfy on your knee and sleep. Sooty loves to play with her toys and could happily play for hours with her balls and soft toys, and will happily wake me up in the middle of the night wanting to be played with.
She tries her luck at being naughty, and she knows she's naughty as she runs away when we tell her NO! Sooty is also very noisy she has to be in everything as she think shes missing out on something, and she loves to watch out the window and watch the world go by.

I have really enjoyed writing this little blog post about my little baby girlie! Who at the moment is fast asleep under my bed, her new favourite napping spot, if you would like me to write any more about her leave your Questions and Comments below. Write a blog about your Pet and leave me the link i would love to read all about your little baby! Till next time.. Meow!


  1. She is so cute! I love her name to! I'd love to read more posts about her :-) x


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