Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Good Deeds

Hello Everyone!

I would like to start by saying I think doing one good deed a day is EVERYTHING! Even if its just a smile! You don't know if that person if having a bad day, lives on their own, is going though hard times, so a smile could really brighten their day.

Sometimes you can go further by helping an elderly person cross the road, or help pass something down from the top shelf in a shop for someone. When your about to leave the till in a shop tell the person to enjoy the rest of their day. Its the little things that matter, but can make a big difference. Anyone can be thoughtful and help! Good Deeds are selfless and help others feel better.

Sandra Bullock has been seen helping others, when she was photographed helping in medical emergencies.

Sandra was straight there to help when an extra on her current movie set collapsed.  It was apparent it was a case of heat stroke ... Sandra is shooing "Our Brand Is Crisis" under the blazing sun in New Orleans. Sandra took charge ... giving her fallen comrade water and fanning her in a shady place until an ambulance arrived and took the woman to a nearby hospital. What a Lady!

What has been your good deed of the day? I would love to hear your stories so please comment below!

Till next time..   Keep smiling! xx

Sunday, 5 October 2014


This post is going to be about my second fury baby!


When me and Phil (The Boyfriend) moved into our new home together, we wanted to get another cat so that Sooty had company while we are at work. So we found George a 14 week old kitten! We think he was the runt of the litter as he was very poorly from birth, he had really bad Cat flu!! We almost couldn't pick him up as he was taken to vets as he stopped eating.

When we picked him up, we was told how to look after him and care for him, as he was on special food a bit like milk that we had to hand feed him, and to steam his noise to break down the mucus to help him breath.

We brought him home Sooty wasn't sure at first, what or who he was, she hissed a few times but that was about it, she followed him around all over she couldn't take her eyes off him. Very cute to watch them together and he was so small next to her. After a week of caring for George he was running around and playing with Sooty and almost back to full heath! After 2 weeks caring and looking after him he is at FULL HEALTH! Both Sooty and George are always together, they are the best of friends, they play together, take naps together! It is lovely to watch there bond grow!

George's Personality 
 He is very loving, loves company and cuddles, will happily lay in your arms like a baby and go to sleep. At the start he slept a lot with him being poorly, but after a week he was playing with all his toys, and with Sooty. He loves to watch the the TV and look out the window watching people walk by.

I really enjoyed writing about my little fury babies!! Who are tucking into their dinner!
I would love for you to write about your Pet/s and leave me the link, would really enjoy reading about them! Till next time.. Meow!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Benefits Of Green Tea

Green Tea

I’m a green tea drinker.
Not for the love of the taste, no way! I drink it because I’m told it’s good for me…or, to be honest, the real reason I drink it is because I believe it help keeps my weight in check, and its a detox. But recently I decided to look into it a bit deeper and see what the other benefits of green tea are.

What the Research Shows

Green tea can protect against Alzheimer's disease
A recent two-year study of a group of people aged 80 and over found that 96 per cent of those who drank ten cups of green tea a day showed no signs of cognitive impairment, compared to only 12 per cent who didn't drink green tea.

Green tea can help prevent arthritis
A recent study found that antioxidants in green tea may prevent or reduce the severity of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
Antioxidants in the tea inhibit the Cox-2 gene that triggers inflammation, working in much the same way as anti-inflammatory drugs.

Green tea can protect against cancer
There is growing evidence to suggest that green tea contains compounds that fight cancer. The tea contains a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which helps inhibit blood vessel growth.

Green tea can help protect against diabetes
When starch is consumed, it requires the enzyme amylase to break it down into simple sugars that can be absorbed in the bloodstream.
Green tea polyphenols inhibit amylase, and so can help lower blood sugar levels. High blood levels of glucose and insulin predispose people to diabetes.

Green tea protects against heart disease
It has been shown to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, because its potent antioxidant effects inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the arteries.
The formation of abnormal blood clots (thrombosis) is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke, and green tea has been shown to inhibit abnormal blood clot formation as effectively as aspirin.

Green tea helps burn fat
It can help speed up the metabolic rate because its antioxidant effect helps the liver to function more efficiently.
A recent U.S. study of overweight men found that, with no other changes to their diet or exercise regimes, drinking green tea three times a day burned up 200 extra calories a day. The green tea drinkers also found that their energy levels were greatly increased.

Monday, 11 August 2014

All These Little Things

Having a down day? Feeling a bit crappy?
Its the little things that can lift us up and make us feel better!

 (I strongly agree with this, HA!)

Often I feel like I'm stuck in a rut with myself. I get up go to work, do a 13 hour shift in a care home. Starting at 7am and clocking off at 8pm, very long days, very stressful and hard on your body. On your feet all day, running around after everyone making sure everyone is happy. On my days off I'm tired and cant be bothered to do much, then I realise I have the house work to do. My days off aren't filled with relaxing and doing nothing, they is always something to do.

Little things like going for a walk when the sun is shining or sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee, making an effort to do something different in your day, and doing what makes you happy, even if its taking a bath while listening to music, its surprising what a big difference something so small can do to your mood, and make a boring day a little bit more special/relaxing.

My happy times are when im with my family, spending my time with people who are special to me.
but also having a nice relaxing bubble bath, or a coffee in the garden, listening to the birds, that also is something I enjoy doing.

Comment below and share what you do, for your 'happy moments' :)

Friday, 11 July 2014

New Home, New Start

We did it!!
We have finally moved house! Oh my what hard work it was! We didnt finish till 7.30pm on Monday night! All the stress of moving home, doesnt really hit you till about a week before the moving day. Though now were here in our new house, we can start to put our own stamp on things, start decorating and making it our home! I cant wait. Were going to start with one room at a time, take our time with it, and enjoy it. I must admit I am still stressed as everything is in boxes after day 4, think we will still have boxes after day 26! the amount we have  LOL.
Will be worth it though, when everything is in its place and we can relax at the end of the day, knowing all our hard work has paid off.

So let me know if you would like to see the progress of our decorating, or our home d├ęcor style.

Thanks for reading! Any tips on decorating would be very helpful too - Till next time x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Happiness is what you make of it. What makes you happy ?

What is happiness? feeling warm inside, having a smile on your face?
For me happiness is seeing my loved ones, succeed in things they love and enjoy, knowing my family are healthy, and having my family and friends around me.

If your having a down day, or feel hurt and upset, just take a step back and think about the good things in your life, such as family, friends, hobby's you may enjoy, they will be something that makes you feel better. makes you feel happy.

I try to live my life, each day as it comes as you just never know what is round the corner good or bad. I treat others with respect and kindness as that's how id like to be treated. I also live by a rule I gave myself, and that is ' Do something everyday be that big or small, for myself that makes me happy ' for e.g after work ill get into my PJ's and treat myself to a nice mug of coffee, that makes me feel better and I always look forward to that, on my days off I may watch a film I enjoy or go out with my mum or friends. Everyday I will do something for me.  If you work long hours or your lifestyle is busy sometimes you feel you don't have time for yourself, its so important to look after number one!

Why not give it ago, and if you do, what's your one thing you enjoy doing? What do you look forward to the most in your day? Bubble bath? Painting your nails? Face masks at the end of a hard day? 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Maybelline Better Skin : REVIEW

PRODUCT REVIEW : Better Skin Foundation - Maybelline

Il start with my skin type, I have oily skin and suffer from spots, but can also get dry patches, so when I look for a foundation the main points I look for is, Good Coverage, Long Wearing, Looks Natural, Wont Break Me Out. 

When I see a new foundation, that has just come on the market or that I haven't tried before I will always pick one up and give it a try. This is how I came across this foundation.

REVIEW: My first thoughts on this was I hated it! It showed all my dryness and it didn't blend right, I for some reason just didn't get on with it. Second time I tried it, I moisturised my face really well, and I applied the foundation with a foundation brush, I used a Angled Kabuki from Sigma.
The application was smooth and blended amazingly! looks just like skin and the coverage is great too, I still use concealer for my spots but that's fine. It took me a few goes with it to find what worked best for me and I now love it and will be re buying. I powder and then apply the rest of my make up, and the lasting power on this foundation is really good, looks better when my skin gets a little oily so it works with the skin to make it look its best. All in all a good everyday foundation.

- Thank you for reading! If you would like any more reviews please leave your ideas in the comments! Till next time happy Blogging! 

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