Monday, 24 March 2014

Maybelline Better Skin : REVIEW

PRODUCT REVIEW : Better Skin Foundation - Maybelline

Il start with my skin type, I have oily skin and suffer from spots, but can also get dry patches, so when I look for a foundation the main points I look for is, Good Coverage, Long Wearing, Looks Natural, Wont Break Me Out. 

When I see a new foundation, that has just come on the market or that I haven't tried before I will always pick one up and give it a try. This is how I came across this foundation.

REVIEW: My first thoughts on this was I hated it! It showed all my dryness and it didn't blend right, I for some reason just didn't get on with it. Second time I tried it, I moisturised my face really well, and I applied the foundation with a foundation brush, I used a Angled Kabuki from Sigma.
The application was smooth and blended amazingly! looks just like skin and the coverage is great too, I still use concealer for my spots but that's fine. It took me a few goes with it to find what worked best for me and I now love it and will be re buying. I powder and then apply the rest of my make up, and the lasting power on this foundation is really good, looks better when my skin gets a little oily so it works with the skin to make it look its best. All in all a good everyday foundation.

- Thank you for reading! If you would like any more reviews please leave your ideas in the comments! Till next time happy Blogging! 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Life Events

Looking back on the past few months, have been CRAZY!
Moving out of my Family Home, and moving in with my Boyfriend, and then looking for a Home of our own for the future is just like WOW! I cant really put it into words apart from, now i really truly feel like a grown up. - hahaha (that sounds corny)

Though I love my life, I have amazing Family, great friends and a wonderful boyfriend I cant help feel lonely sometimes, not sure if its because iv moved different location or because when my better half is working and I have a day off theres no one around, I just dont know. Though I have my kitty for company!

My friends are only 20 minute drive away, same for my family too, but moving out has opened my eyes, that we all soon grow up and go our different ways, My good friends now are Mothers, and are living with their Partners in their own homes, and I cant help but miss the good old days back at school with no worries or BILLS to pay! How time flys! 

At the moment we have our heart set on a home we have seen! Oh how i want it!
but we have to sell our home before we can do anything about it! ITS SO ANNOYING!
Home hunting is so much fun, looking around peoples homes, not only am I looking at the home space etc, im getting décor ideas too! Mine and the boyfriends taste's are far from different too which can cause problems, He likes everything Modern and everything to look new and clean, now although I like modern, I also like shabby chic and quirky things too. Just cant wait to move! :D

Now my question of the week is:
HOME DÉCOR TIPS?? have any? if you do, id love to hear about them, and how you put your stamp on things, as I cant wait to move into a home of my own and put my own stamp on it :)

Thank you for reading this random post, I just started to type and this is what was created!
Dont forget to send me links to your Blog as I love to share the love :)

Thanks again! x Much love

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


If you haven't guessed already, this Post is going to be all about my baby! My fellow fury friend!


When I moved in with my Boyfriend we decided we wanted to make the next step and share our love by getting a Pet, who will give us company while the other is at work, and grow our Family unit. Though I wanted a dog he put his foot down and said he will allow me a Cat.
We visited a place near to us and we feel in love with Sooty, who I named before I even met her, turned out she was already named Soot! (Fate I think so!)
So that day we went out and spent a lot of money on: a litter tray, litter, toys, a bed, scratching post, you name it we got it. (Only the best for our baby!)
We had to wait a week before we could pick her up, as she had to have all her injections first.

She was 3 Months when we picked her up, and she settled in straight away, was like we have had her for years! As I write this she is now 6 Months old!
Sooty is a Black Short Hair, her bread is mixed, though we think she has Pedigree in her, as she has Big pointy ears and big green eyes, everyone who has seen a photo of her, says she looks like she has Siamese origins. Heres an interesting fact:  Black cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt, and owning black cats was thought to bring good luck and wealth.

Sooty's Personality 
She is very loving, loves company and likes to know where you are. Will happily make herself comfy on your knee and sleep. Sooty loves to play with her toys and could happily play for hours with her balls and soft toys, and will happily wake me up in the middle of the night wanting to be played with.
She tries her luck at being naughty, and she knows she's naughty as she runs away when we tell her NO! Sooty is also very noisy she has to be in everything as she think shes missing out on something, and she loves to watch out the window and watch the world go by.

I have really enjoyed writing this little blog post about my little baby girlie! Who at the moment is fast asleep under my bed, her new favourite napping spot, if you would like me to write any more about her leave your Questions and Comments below. Write a blog about your Pet and leave me the link i would love to read all about your little baby! Till next time.. Meow!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Brand Spanking New!

Hello there, you may or may not know that I have changed the Title page of my Blog? I'm no longer going to Blog about all things beauty. I have spread my wings to reach new horizons in my life! Its now going to be about, my life (as interesting as it is) Home décor, food? Everything and anything I do or find interesting. I am still going to Blog about beauty, make-up and fashion, just I have added some new things to the mix. Exciting isn't it?
So what do you think to the cute little pictures at the top! Took me about half an hour to create it, and I think its cute and random and very much how I like things. *inserts cute face*

So I guess this is a little bit like a introduction to my Brand Spanking New Blog Space! WELCOME!
I'm looking forward to blogging about things that happen in my life, and keeping an online diary of my life events! I'm also going to start my videos up again, as I enjoyed making them and met a lot of lovely people doing it. (If you have any ideas please leave your requests as id find them very helpful)

Things that will be coming up on my Blog:

I'm moving house soon! (I'm very excited), so no doubt there will be lots of home décor Blogs with cute ideas. Cooking Blogs, and a lot more :)

Please if you have any ideas for Blogs or Vlogs feel free to leave them in the comments.
Thank you once again for your support, I love you all xx 


Monday, 3 February 2014

Feeling a little under the weather?

Feeling a little under the weather? Me too..

Feeling tired, with no energy and dam right unwell is never great! But here is a question, what do you do to make yourself feel better? Sleep most the day, have a relaxing bath? Sit in front of the TV and watch day time telly all day...?

I have been doing the house work, and my little kitten has been running around being very naughty, yet shes so cute so I cant be mad at her for to long. (Darn her cuteness)

Grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate or what ever you drink, get in your pyjamas and enjoy a lazy day in bed.

 Hope your feeling better soon x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Insperation and Motivation

Inspire yourself to do great things this year!

Inspiration can come from anything. It can come from a film you watched, to a butterfly pottering around your flowers. You find most inspiration comes from others, but most of all If you believe in something, why not believe in yourself? Regardless of what may be happening in your life, it is vital to believe in yourself. Inspiration is the fire that will burn through all of your fears. It will give you hope and faith. Inspiration will catapult you over the obstacles into your dreams.

Motivation will help you get started and help you follow through. Motivation can be creating a plan of action, working out a schedule and setting goals for yorself.

If things dont seem to work out at the start, dont give up, keep going, one step up the ladder at a time, try to do two together and you may slip.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Making ends meet?!

Can I just start by saying how much my life has changed. I have gone from working for myself as a Make-up Artist which I miss dearly, doing the brides make-up for their big day to working in studios on photo shoots, too now working in a care home, caring for the elderly. Dont get me wrong i really enjoy giving back, and looking after and giving them love and care, but its far from the dream i once had in mind.

Recently I became ill with what I thought was a cold/flu, turns out I had Bronchitis, which is swelling to the bronchial tubes, I found it hard to breath and had really bad chest pains from all the coughing and infection. Being so ill I would get sent home from work, I can understand why because coughing over everyone isn't very nice. Though getting sent home means no money!
The English economy is pants because statutory sick pay is like £80 a week......
Thats nothing to live off when you have a mortgage bills and food to pay for!

As you can tell this Blog is a bit of a rant as im feeling a bit sorry for myself having no money, and its just been Christmas and buying presents doesn't come cheep!

So here is my New Years (2014) Resolution:
To get 100% perfect health, Work super hard at everything I do, Follow my dreams!

If your still reading this, THANK YOU! Always makes you feel better after having a rant!
Its just really made me realise that everything revolves around money, we work to earn money to pay for things, if we didn't need money we wouldn't work. Prices of things go up yet our pay packet doesn't go up to help us meet the prices, therefore we loose out on savings each month. Though our MP's seem to give themselves a nice raise with our TAX money (but lets save that for another time)

If any of my readers have any Money Saving Tips please comment below as we can help each other and maybe with our tips, save up for a nice Holiday :) Wouldnt that be nice! :)

My tip is, If you dont need it but want it, keep it in mind for your Birthday or Christmas present.
Each month even if its small but money aside, because you never know :)

 Thanks for reading, dont forget to comment, till next time... Happy Blogging xx

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